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A Sanctuary for the Spirited Gentlemen

SHEK LEUNG SS24 paints a refined and sensual exploration of masculinity, empowering men to feel self-assured and comfortable in their own skin. The collection draws them to express their sensuality gently through clothing that reflects their personal sense of ‘home’. A soothing colour palette accentuates this feeling, creating a liberating ambiance for the male form.

This latest collection celebrates the mischievous, fun-loving gentlemen who dare to break the mould and embrace authentic human experiences. Vulnerability is captured with a playful twist, encouraging men to flaunt their sensual sides through distinctive elements that reflect their innate identity. Taking cues from homeware design, the studio offers inventive creations that incorporate illusionary visual details, allowing wearers to stylishly exhibit their idiosyncratic characteristics.

‘Sit in reverie and watch the changing colour of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind.’
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The studio unveils 15 new textured looks, symbolising the interplay between guilt and sensuality. The collection ranges from low-rise, askew shorts to homeware-inspired puff-binded trousers, while also evolving classic styling features such as piercings, slits and staples. The woollen suit showcases pleated tiles that reveal an alternative appearance when unclasped, and the wrap cotton shirt with trompe l’oeil cuff placket tastefully displays a hint of bare chest. Leung also introduces fresh materials like denim and plait patterns on his handmade cover-stitch fabrics, infusing a relaxed and casual flair to sophisticated ensembles.

The daring yet inviting look book casts a comforting shadow over its moody and rugged aesthetic, encouraging the wearer to be bold and unapologetic. Key pieces include the knitwear with an asymmetrical neckline with grain-like texture, squared frames from previous collections reshaped to mimic the curvature of a house’s roof, and a fearless blazer with raw edges and dual tones that challenges conventional menswear norms. The collection presents a refreshing and exhilarating approach on men’s fashion, blending classic staples with innovative textures and construction, resulting in a candid style that is both effortless and audacious.