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The collection celebrates the state of being overwhelmed with anxiety and the altruistic aim of honesty.

As a prelude to this collection, I created a mood film named “Final Director’s Statement.” The film follows the narrative of a painter who confined herself at home, attempting to repetitively paints the picture of a perfect landscape she sees. The narrative in the film serves as a self-portraiture. In traditional Chinese fine art self-portraiture, landscapes were used as a form of self-reflection.

In making the collection, I aimed to bring my film to life. I explored how cinematic grains and noise can create various forms of textures. I developed a print technique which allows me to build various layers of colour combinations by layering oil paint onto a material before transferring onto the surface of any fabric. Oil paint were also been airbrushed sprayed onto fabric to create a speckling stained effect. Scrutinising colour combinations, I re-assemble the order of such combinations and with cover-stitching, I create my own pieces of fabric that show the subtleness in the complexity of colours.

The collection focuses to encapsulate and embracing vulnerability within ourselves, silhouette of which contains quiet details such as handmade staples that resemble the mounting of a canvas painting on a wooden frame. It is through tactile textures and sensitive details in this collection that this self-portraiture so inspired from films and landscape painting strokes is brought to life.

Mood Film : Final Director’s Statement

Thank you to my team of helpers

and the following

Handmade Staples Details produced by Mary Chan
Knitwear produced by Elaine Lip
Shoes Handcrafted by Doyeon Ji
Soundtrack composed by Zacharias Wolfe

Look Book
Photographed by Dean Hoy
Make Up by Ana Takahashi

Hair by L’Oréal Professionnel
Make Up by MAC Cosmetics Supported by ThreeUK

Jina Yoo
Aaron Wong
Reign Charbit
Karen Reichelt
Harrison Chan
Jessica Chen
Kristianna Peel
Trinity Mcintosh

Special thanks to Lane Crawford
and the MAFCSM team

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