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SHEK LEUNG is a Hong Kong / London-based eponymous label founded by Shek Yen (Samson) Leung. From humble beginnings, studio SHEK LEUNG returns to its Asian roots, founded on honesty with oneself. With roots deeply entwined in Leung's family's close ties with the movie industry, SHEK LEUNG draws inspiration from their commitment to storytelling through motion pictures. This legacy drives the creation of collections that capture the very essence of cinematic tones, honouring the family's dedication to bringing sentient narratives to life through fashion. In a mesmerising symphony of poetic melodies, dusky hues, tactile sensation and intricate garment details SHEK LEUNG seamlessly intertwines the realms of cloth-making and filmmaking.

Through embracing the interplay between power and vulnerability in gentle beings, it was the simple, driven men who preferred unfiltered thoughts, that formed SHEK LEUNG’s muse, portraying an ensemble of unapologetic candour. Breaking conventions, the collection infuses relaxed flair into sophisticated ensembles, blending classic staples with innovative textures and details exuding effortless audacity. The studio believes in embracing one's innate aura, cherishing the quiet moments at the intersection of textile innovation and subtle garment construction.

Indulge in a poetic reverie, an immersive cinematic narrative that encapsulates the essence of the modern gentleman. With SHEK LEUNG, masculinity finds new dimensions – a quiet, sensitive, playful, and empowered man who dares to embrace authenticity with confidence. Amidst a cacophony, SHEK LEUNG thrives in silence, embracing the powerful serenity that speaks volumes.

Born in Taiwan and raised in Hong Kong, Leung completed his BA and MA Fashion at Central Saint Martins. Whilst pursuing his education, Leung’s professional experiences broadly encompass a wide range of leading fashion houses, including Proenza Schouler in New York; Burberry, Craig Green and Aitor Throup in London; Taro Horiuchi and Written Afterwards in Tokyo.

SHEK LEUNG是由梁碩仁在倫敦 / 香港創立的同名品牌。

SHEK LEUNG回歸亞洲根源,建立在對自我真誠的基礎上。SHEK的家人與電影行業密切的關係,確立了品牌的根基。使品牌從中獲得靈感,致力於通過電影敘述故事。這傳承是創造系列的動力,以捕捉電影色調的本質,將家族善用情感敘事的手法傳𠄘,以時裝向其致敬。在詩意旋律,昏暗色調、觸感和精緻細節的迷人協奏中,SHEK LEUNG將裁剪和電影製作的領域無縫地交織在一起。

透過擁抱溫柔及文靜的存在中,堅強和脆弱之間的相互作用,SHEK LEUNG塑造了一個毫不掩飾的的靈魂—坦誠思想,簡單而有動力的人。SHEK LEUNG相信擁抱自己固有的光環,重視紡織創新和服裝製作交匯處的寧靜時刻;打破傳統,該系列把豪放的風格融入精緻的衣服中,將經典單品與創新的材料和細節互相融合,散發出毫不費力的氣魄。

沉醉於詩意的幻想,一個沉浸式的電影敘事,捕捉現代紳士本質的精髓。在SHEK LEUNG,男子氣找到了新的維度 —一個安靜,敏感,坦然且自信地擁抱真實的男人。

在混沌中,SHEK LEUNG默默擁抱寧靜,發表千言萬語。

梁碩仁(Shek Yen Leung)生於台灣,長於香港,2018年及2020年分別於英國中央聖馬丁藝術學院以一等榮譽完成女裝服裝設計文學士及碩士。SHEK的學士及碩士畢業作品均被選中於CSM畢業作品發佈會及2020年倫敦時裝週上展出。 SHEK曾為多個國際著名的時裝品牌工作,包括紐約的Proenza Schouler; 倫敦的Craig Green和Aitor Throup; 東京的Taro Horiuchi和Written Afterwards。

自2020年畢業以來,他在2021年推出了自己的品牌SHEK LEUNG,目前在英國和中國的時尚企業中擔任自由設計顧問的工作。此外,他還擔任過Burberry 女裝設計師和音樂歌手DRAKE的Dream Crew品牌男裝設計師。

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