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SHEK LEUNG’s debut collection ACT 1: ’GENTLE LIVING’ seeks comfort in the sense of unease, embracing vulnerability and capturing the loneliness as a form of energy.

Silence can unintentionally exude an unpleasant energy and can be misinterpreted as weakness from a masculine perspective. What fascinates Samson is that being silent and serenity can be so powerful, peaceful yet daunting and fragile. This collection hopes to bring the quiet hearts’ strength and confidence to light through presenting a touch of subtle sensuality in the traditional masculine world.

Heavily inspired by his self-directed films and fine art, specifically Vilhelm Hammershøi’s paintings, this collection embodies Samson’s interpretation of quiet masculinity amongst men - including himself and many others. This interpretation is presented in the form of landscape painting, which in traditional Chinese fine art is how one expresses oneself. Instead of canvas, Samson painted on his self-developed fabric.

Music being an integral part of the brand identity, this season’s collection film is made in collaboration with Hong Kong musician Olivier Cong.

When everyone speaks, silence and serenity while scarce are so much more powerful and confident.

Creative Direction: SHEK LEUNG
Photography & Film: Kenneth Lam
Art Direction: Bryan Lee
Music: Olivier Cong
MUA: Daeun Jung
Hair: Elle Page, Artistic Director at TONI&GUY
Model: James Fan at CONTACT Models
Photography Assistant: Milly Cope

Studio SHEK LEUNG: Ting Ng & Daniel Enriquez
Handmade Shoes: Doyeon Ji
Knit: Sean-Henry Fitzsimons

with the support from
British Fashion Council
London Fashion Week

As SHEK LEUNG values craftsmanships highly, this collection involves a lot of development of handmade details.

Knitted Framed Socks

In the signature handmade cover-stitch fabric, by scrutinising colour combinations derived from cinematic noise grains from his self-directed research film, SHEK LEUNG invented a cover-stitch fabric made completely from scratch. By reassembling the order in which different colours appear and alternating the colour of the thread, this material gave birth to my bespoke creation.

Additionally the handmade staples on each piece were created as a decorative element for the snap closures to give the illusion of being ‘stapled’ together when the snaps are closed.

Airbrushed Gradient ‘Aura’

Hand Painted Landscape